Heart Care Juice

Cardiac Care Juice (HEART CARE JUICE)

for a Healthy Heart

for a Healthy Heart


No Side Effects No Chemicals

Recommended by Doctors all over the World

Heart Care Juice is a made up of rare combination of Natural and Organic Terminalla Arjuna, Indian Gooseberry, Aloevera Thick inner Gel and Special secret formulas.




Benefits of Heart Care Juice

  • It helps to maintain Cholesterol levels.
  • It Controls your Blood Pressure
  • It Provides Nutrition and Strengthen your Heart Muscles and Heart Valves.
  • It normalizes the disturbed rhythms of Heart.
  • It benefits the Circulatory system and Lowers triglycerides and LDL and raises HDL.
  • It improves the pumping capacity of Heart.
  • It improves your Blood Circulation.
  • It improves your Breathing and stop Leg swelling.
  • It removes all the burning sensation and Chest discomfort.
  • It removes all the general weakness, Nausea, Lack of Appetite, Fatigue and etc….

1000 ML MRP 599/- ONLY
Usage:  Use 15-30ml with 100ml water twice a day

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