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What is Female Care Tonic ?

C Care is a Complete Female Care Ayurvedic Medicine with UNIQUE and RARE Combination of Kasis Shiddha 10mg, Daru Haridra 1mg, Kabab Chini 2mg, Jalap 2mg, Bach 2mg, Shivlingi 2mg, Nagkesar 5mg, Clove 5mg, Tejpat 5mg, Pippali 5mg, Guduchi 5mg, Vidanga 5mg, Anantamul 5mg, Deodar 7mg, Jatamansi 10mg, Bale 10mg, Mango 10mg, Bad Chhal 10mg, Shalmali 10mg, Catechu 10mg, Ginger 10mg, Bhringraj 10mg, Zeera 10mg, Harir 20mg, Lodhra 20mg, Amla 20mg, Ashwagandha 20mg, Kamala 30mg, Bahera 30mg, Jamun 40mg, Musta 60mg, Shatavari 100mg, Dashmoola 100mg, Ashoka 400mg and etc with Special Herbs.

Benefits :

1)  Irregular Periods
 2)  Excess Bleeding
3)  White Discharge and Foul Smell
4)  Anaemia
5)  Pelvic Pain
6)  Appetite
7)  Vaginal Infections
8 ) Back Pain
9)  Painful Periods
10)  Menopause Disorders
11)  Sexual Problems
12)  Hormones balance
13)  Stops Weight Loss and Hair Loss
14)  Removes Stress and makes you Strong

And other Gynec Problems

Usage : 15 to 20 ml with Water Twice a day

Pl Note:

1) Use this Tonic regularly for 2 – 4 Months and see the Best results yourself.
2) You cannot get this type of Composition anywhere in India
3) Its very Effective and can be taken by all Females
4) We provide Free Home Delivery all Over Hyderabad and Secunderabad

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